Sleepy Hollow Rabbitry Registered Grand Champion Stock. We have quality with a splash of color. Holland lops, Fuzzy lops, Colors include Blue eyed whites (BEWs), VC, VM, smoke pearls, sable points and siamese sables.
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Holland Lops

Updated : April 2014
Welcome to our Holland Lops. We do all of the vareties, specializing in Blue-eyed Whites or know also as BEW's. We always have the other colors avaliable with no bew origin for sale. Our lines include CN, TF, Bunny Hutch's, Y&K, C.C., C.J, Saynora, Leafs, Sarah's(Pitney),Belonneky,Roehe , just to name a few. If you run across a bunny with Sugden's, it's one of ours. Photos below are of both the stock in Utah and Oregon.
Julie is located in Medford, Oregon~Phone# (541) 826-7841
Kim is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah~Phone #(435) 881-9198

 Goliath Broken Chin Holland lop   Grand Champion Sugden's Nugget tort holland lop buck
Eyes n Ears Goliath

Broken Chinchilla | 3 lbs 8 oz
Show Wins:

Will be shown Soon

Grand Champion Sugden's Nugget

Reg#: Y600J
Tortiose | 3 lbs 8 oz
DOB: Jan 5, 10
Sire: . Sugden's Souffle (Sable Point)
Dam: TF Aggy ( Tort) Reg.
Show Wins:
3 GC legs
Really bad picture

 LW's JP1 broken tort jr buck  Picture Coming Soon
LW's Jedi

Broken Tort | 2.10 lbs
DOB:May 19 2013
Sire: Tasia's Jed Jr. (Tort) Reg.
Dam: L & R Paula (Brkn Tort) 2 legs
Future Herd buck

Raeben's Coffee

Tortiose | 3.12 lbs
DOB: Aug. 23, 2012
Sire: G.C.Raeben's Poseidon (Brkn Tort) RBIS 6 legs
Dam: Marell's Crimson and Clover (Tort)

Bucks Blue-eyed Whites and Carriers
Bew buck  Sugden's Mystery~ Bew  holland lop buck
Cool Whip

Reg.# A233M
Bew | 3.12 lbs
DOB:Sept 6, 2010
Sire: Roadie Roo's Archimedes ( Chestnut VM)
Dam: Bunny Hutch's NA1 (Black)

Sugden's Mystery

Reg.# L766M
Bew | 3.0 lbs
DOB: July 1, 2012
Sire: Coolwhip (Bew) Reg.
Dam: Loe's Lemon Drop (Broken Tort)

 Sugden's Party Cake
Sugden's Party Cake

Orange VM
DOB July 10, 2013
Sire: Sugden's Mystery ( Bew) Reg.
Dam: Kish. Higbee's VL2 ( Tort)

Sugden's Mr. O

Broken Orange VC
DOB April 15, 2011
Sire: Bunny Hutch's Edmond (Brkn Tort)
Dam: Kate's Snowball (Bew)

 Sugden's Sundae~ tort VM buck  Sugden's Keblar~ tort VC  buck
Sugden's Sundae

Tort VM
DOB: Feb. 20, 2013
Sire: Sugden's Petey ( Broken Black VM)
Dam: Angela's GC2 (Tort)

Sugden's Keblar

Tort VC
DOB: April 4,2012
Sire: Grand Champion Sugden's Nugget ( Tort) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Snowy ( Bew) 1 leg

 3b tort holland lop doe  Tort Holland lop
CN's 3B

Tort | 3 lbs 10 oz
DOB: 6/23/2009
Sire: LOV's Bo ( tort)
Dam: LOV's Booty Call (tort)

BC's Butterfly

Tort | 3 lbs 12 oz
DOB: 4/13/2012
Sire: Grand Champion Bunny Hutch's Ritter (tort)
Dam: LOV's Mocha (Tort) BIS

 holland lop  tort holland
Hiki's Claudia

Tort | 3 lbs 14 oz
DOB: ?
Sire: CN's CJ ( Tort)20 + legs
Dam: CN's Evona (tort)

Sugden's Bubblegum

Broken blue
DOB: info cominig
Sire: LB's Manny (broken blue)
Dam: Bunny Hutch's Aquaza ( opal)

 Hiki's Angel tort holland lop  Hiki's Angel sable point holland
Hiki's Angel

Tort | lbs oz
Sire: CN's CJ (tort) 20+ legs
Dam: Hiki's ZD1 (tort) 3 legs

Hiki's Emerald

Sable Point
DOB: info cominig
Sire: G.C. CN's Blake (tort)
Dam: Hiki's Blue Saphire (Brkn Siamese Sable)

 holland lop  tort holland
Hiki's ZD2

Tort | 4 lbs 0 oz
Sire: CN's Zane ( brkn tort)
Dam: CN's D6 (tort)

Hiki's Glory

DOB: info cominig
Sire: Hiki's Xavier (broken tort)
Dam: Hiki's ZD2( tort)

 holland lop  holland lop
Sugden's Spiced Pear

Broken Tort | 3 lbs 4 oz
DOB: April 19, 2013
Sire: TMP's Carson(Broken orange) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Zitter (Black) Reg. 2 legs

Tickle Me Pink's Stormy

Frosty | 3 lbs 12 oz
DOB: 4/7/2012
Sire: Campo's Blizzard ( Frosted Pearl)
Dam: TMP's Rainy (Frosty)

 holland lop
Hiki's Bre

Broken Tort | 4 lbs 0 oz
Sire: CN's CJ (Tort) 20 + legs
Dam: CN's Poxy ( Brkn Tort)

Does Blue-eyed Whites and Carriers
bew  holland lop bew
Sugden's Seastar

Bew | 3 lbs 0 oz
DOB:april 16, 2011
Sire: Roehe's Frostbyte ( bew) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Bubbles (Brkn Black VC)

Sugden's Berry Treat

Bew |3 lbs 0 oz
DOB:Nov. 2 2013
Sire: Sugden's Mystery ( bew) reg.
Dam: Sugden's Berry ( bew)

   Bew  Holland lop  vc tort Holland lop
Sugden's Berry

Reg.# L767M
Blue-eyed White | 2 lbs 15 oz
DOB:Nov 21, 2012
Sire: Sunny Daze Beau Bear (bew) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Laffy Taffy ( Broken Tort)Reg. BOB leg

Sugden's Laffy Taffy

Reg#: X252K
Broken Tort VC | 3 lbs 2 oz
DOB: June 20, 2011
Sire: G.C. Roehe's Dante ( brkn tort) 5 legs RIS
Dam: Kate's Snowball (bew)
Show Wins:1 legslip

 tort VM  vc  Holland lop
Sugden's Zang

tort VM | 3 lbs 10oz
DOB: July 16, 2011
Sire: G.C. Bunny Hutch's Ritter ( tort) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Zest (Blue eyed White )

BC's Jade

Tort VM | 4 lbs 0 oz
DOB: Nov. 7, 2012
Sire: Sunnydaze Benny ( Blue VM)
Dam: Lotus (Tort )

We are located in:
Julie Sugden- Medford, Oregon (541)-826-7841
Kim Sugden Baker-Pleasant Grove, Utah (435)-881-9198

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