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Bunnies For Sale

Updated April 2014

We do list our litters as the are born, however,
NO BUNNY WILL BE SOLD UNDER 8 WEEKS they can be reserved
If KEEP is listed it means I will re-evaluate the kit at 8 weeks and decide then if it will be for sale or not. Looking for a Pet? Contact us as we usually have a couple avialable. Do to my busy schedule I have a hard time keeping this current. So please contact us if your looking for somebunny.
Most in Oregon are not listed so call Julie for an updated Oregon list. Prices are not set in stone. I do require a NONRETURNABLE 50% deposit to hold a rabbit.The 50% deposit is half of the cost of the rabbit and must be received within 2 weeks of inquiry. We DO SHIP IN THE US ONLY weather permitting,but also use Rabbit transport if available
OR, Can be picked up here, delivered to a prearranged show ( You find me, I don't go searching.) or on one of my trips to Utah/ oregon.

Shipping: As I mentioned we do ship but your rabbit Total must be more then $250 in rabbits for me to ship. I ship out of Salt Lake City, UTAH it's over $200 plus tax, just for the flight. You also need to add in the cost of a carrier($20-80),health certificate ($20 each) and feed/ water dishes.

Julie is located in Medford, Oregon~Phone# (541)826-7841 ( hollands, fuzzy lops)
Kim is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah~Phone #(435)-881-9198 ( Hollands, fuzzy lops, netherland dwarfs)

Holland Lops
  Holland lop litter Holland lop Litters in UTAH~
Born: 3/28/ 14~ BullRun's Jade ( Tort VM)x Hiki's Kellog (tort)
~ 3 tort VMs Does, 2 tort Does

Born: 4/7/14 ~Sugden's Zest ( Tort VM) x Sugden's Sundae (Tort VM)
~ 2 Torts, Bew( KEEP)

Born: 4/14/14 TMP's Storm (Frosty) x Eyes nEars Goliath ( Brkn Chin)
~Frosty, Brkn Frosty, Chin ( 1 Frosty Reserved)
 VM Holland lop litter Litters Located in Oregon

Located in Oregon Call Julie for current list 541-826-7841
Fuzzy Lops
  Fuzzy lop litter Litters in UTAH~
VM / Blue eyed white Litters Due in May
 Fuzzy lop litter Litters Located in Oregon

Babies in the box
Call Julie in Oregon (541) 826-7841 for current list
Netherland Dwarfs
Netherland Dwarf Netherland Dwarf Litters in UTAH~
Born: 3/26/ 14~ Sugden's Ruby Red x Rock N roll's Santana
~ 2 Black Otter bucks, Black Otter Doe

Born: 3/26/14 ~Sugden's Dancin Sappire x BushBunny's Otterbe
~2 tort Martens, black otter Doe

Born: 3/29/14 ~Shadowlands Flicka x BushBunny's Otterbe
~ Brkn Blue Otter Buck, Blue otter Buck, Black Otter Buck,
Brkn Black Otter Buck ( Keep) , Brkn Black Otter Doe (Keep)

We are located in:
Julie Sugden- Medford, Oregon (541)-826-7841
Kim Sugden Baker-Pleasant Grove, Utah (435)-881-9198

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